C_Sky – Your Smile Ep

Martin Occo, Greck B – Give Up EP

Deiver – Boom EP

Mineground – Nevermind EP

Alessio Bianchi – Move On EP

Corra DN – Balik EP

Mediahora – Fly Away EP

Bongo Beat – Yeti’s Footprint EP

Dewere – Circus EP

Lorhen – Amused EP

Mehmet Özbek – Come Back EP

Martin Occo, Fabri Tacc – Flow EP

Poor Pay Rich – Never Say Never EP

Mediahora, Federico Apadula – All Night Long EP

Bongo Beat – Dancefloor Routine EP

Gianluca Rattalino, Antony PL – Dance EP

Mario Donoso – Fashion Summer EP

Draganeskool – Rain in the Morning EP

Milos Pesovic – Kinky EP

Rone White,Alessandro Diruggiero – Orientalism EP

Wayne Madiedo – Canica EP

Ahmet Mecnun – We Are Going Techy EP

GruuvElement’s – Crazy Bitch EP

JUST2 – Last Vegas EP

Davide Prada – Under My Skin EP

Richard Cleber – Rolling Tone EP

Bassel Darwish – Direction EP

Dubphone – Super Fun To Be Around EP

Gianni Cuomo – Pump Oh EP